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Source: DataFlash | Adesto



Adesto Technologies DataFlash is a family of non-volatile memory devices with lower power requirements and smart features for higher system efficiency and lower system costs. The DataFlash E-series offers a range of features and options including industry-first capabilities such as wide VCC voltage (1.65V-3.6V) and an “ultra-deep power down” mode. The E-Series products also include new “smart”  features to improve system performance such as efficient “byte-write” that doesn’t require large block erase, and an industry-standard “erase-program-suspend-resume” command.


  • Single 1.65-3.6V or 2.3V – 3.6V supply
  • Low power operation extends system battery life
  • Byte-write provides Serial EEPROM functionality in a Serial NOR Flash device
  • Ultra-deep power down operates at <400nA
  • Extended Vcc operation allows the system memory to operate over the entire voltage range
  • Comprehensive security and unique ID features protect the device from outside tampering