Harper and Two was founded in 1990 by Jim Harper and partners Dan Kilstofte and Jim Quilty.  Harper and Two has been successfully representing its principals in the southwest region of the United States.  Grounded in the ideals of integrity, hard work and discipline, the company has placed extreme emphasis on demand creation in the semi-conductor industry.  It is the proactive mind set and relentless work ethic that sets Harper and Two apart from the rest, and consequently, has resulted in the creation of many new and profitable opportunities for its principals.   The Harper and Two mission statement written by Dan Kilstofte is every bit applicable today as it was twenty years ago.

“We provide our Principals with the best technical
sales team within a well managed rep company to gain the unfair market
share for our Principals’ product offering. We will ensure our customers’
ability to differentiate their products from their competitors, to lead their
industry, and provide our Principals with leadership positions through design
wins of silicon, software, and intellectual properties.”